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Australia Wrap Up

Australia was great and we wish we would have had more time here. It felt a lot like being home in the States, only with better beaches.

 The Landscape and Weather

 We can’t really speak for the country as a whole, as we only saw a bit of the east coast…mostly golden sand beaches, blue crystal water, and looming cliffs (it was horrible, really). Again, it was summer here, so it was eighty or ninety degrees everyday, sunny for the most part, but we had a few rainy days in Sydney and on our Whitsunday’s trip.


The People 

Actually, we met more Aussies abroad than we did while visiting the country. We love Aussies…they remind us a bit of Texans (loud, proud, friendly, and love to drink). Oh, and the men love to wear tank tops. We also met a ton of Brits, Canadians, and Americans on work visas here. 

It was also great to meet up with Marianne again and we loved hanging out with ourr new Canadian friends, Jeff and Jeff.

The Oz Gang

The Food

 …was a lot like in New Zealand and basically what we would get back home (minus the awesome Tex-Mex). We actually cooked a lot of our own dinners in Australia since we were usually with a group of friends and it is muuuuch cheaper to cook your own meals here than to eat out.


 Australia was our most expensive country to date. The food and booze is comparable to home, if not more expensive. Hostels ran us $25 – $40 per night, per person, depending on the location, which took up a huge chunk of our daily budget. Bus transportation is reasonably priced, but since Australia is so huge, we had to purchase an internal flight which wasn’t cheap. All tours and activities are pricey. We spent around $800 per person for our Frasier Island trip and Whitsunday sail. Obviously, we were over our budget in this country. If you plan on coming here, be prepared to spend some cash!!

 The Booze 

Our beers of choice were DB and Toohey’s New. We had the occasional decent bottle of vino, but we mostly drank ‘goon’, otherwise known here as boxed wine. All broke backpackers drink the stuff because it is literally $5 – $8 for two liters of it. I will say though that we did drink a little bit better (expensive) version, as the bottom-of-the-barrel goon says it is made from ‘nut and fish products’. No thank you. I’ll pay the extra $5 for a box of actual wine made from grapes.


Kelly drinking the last bit of goon

Random Thoughts

 -We listened to the ‘top 100 songs of 2009’ countdown on our way home from Frasier Island and the top five songs in Australia are crap.

-We are totally bummed we never got a chance to try a kangaroo burger, but we did SEE several kangaroo.



-There are a lot of jellyfish here. We had to wear ‘stinger suits’ (wetsuits) while swimming on our Whitsunday cruise.

-Yes, there is a Steve Irwin Zoo/Museum here. We did not go.

-Surfing isn’t as huge a thing as I expected. Yes, there are a bunch of surfers and surfing lessons, but it wasn’t shoved down our throat like I thought it might be.

Now, onto Asia!!

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