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The Fab Four

Best Friends.  There is no feeling like knowing you can truly count and depend on others.  My girlfriends and I (otherwise known as ‘The Fab Four’) have been each other’s backbone since we were fourteen.  This weekend Sarah, Leah, January and I had a very much-needed girl’s weekend at Galveston Island.  We were also joined by ReeAnne, January’s sister, who has become like family in the past few years.   We knew it would be one of the last times we’d all be able to be together before Kim and I leave.  


Leah stubbing her toe...again

After a brief look at our originally booked room at The Islander (a.k.a. The Bates Motel…EEK!), we promptly checked into the Galvestonian a few blocks down.  It was an early 90’s beachfront condo that had everything we needed for an amazing weekend of drinking, laughing and debauchery.    Not to mention a killer ledge leading out to the balcony that we all stubbed our toes on at least four or five times!  Leah took the cake with a whopping 10 toe stubs!! 

 The weekend included yummy mimosas from Millers, a local restaurant that opened after Hurricane Ike, sunbathing, and all of us attempting to skin board thanks to Sarah’s impulse buy of a board that morning. We all busted it.  Awesome!  Sarah and I kicked the other ladies’ butts in volleyball and then we headed to the pool for a dip.  Leah had a few too many cocktails and was the loud drunk girl stumbling everywhere, and I was the one passed out in the lawn chair cooking in the sun.  Despite the painful sunburn, what a great afternoon!  We then went to the hotel room for a mega munchdown on January’s homeade chicken spaghetti before we got ready for the night. 

We spent the evening playing drinking games and laughing until we cried.  Sarah took some great film footage that will crack us up until we’re old and wrinkled, peeing in our diapers!

On Sunday, we had brunch before we all headed back to Austin and the Golden Triangle.   We decided to make this an annual event until the end of time! 

Again, spending time with people that you share mutual love and respect for is priceless.  No matter what happens in our lives or how long we are away from each other, ‘The Fab Four’ will always be there for one another, never skipping a beat.  It is so important to have and cherish these types of relationships in life! 

Once again, I know when I’m away and need my backbone, they will all be there.  Always…


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