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A Change of Scenery

Thanksgiving night, Kelly and I caught a flight back to Buenos Aires to hang for a couple of days before catching a one-hour ferry over to Uruguay. After being in Argentina for a month and a half, it was exciting to be headed to another country and away from the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires.

We arrived in Colonia del Sacramento, a former Portuguese settlement and UNESECO world heritage site. With only a couple of days here, we strolled along the cobblestone streets of the historic quarter, checked out the colorful houses and buildings, walked out on the various piers to watch the locals fish, and enjoyed dinner and drinks while watching the sunset at the harbor. We intended to chill out on the public beach one day as well, but it rained one of the days we were there. Not a terribly thrilling time, but was a great place to spend a day or two relaxing and walking around.

One of the piers

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